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Hudson Plank-LandmarkCohutta Plank-BentonHudson Plank-IntercoastalCaravan Plank-Durango SandHudson Plank-Ravine

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Rigid Core Flooring

Modern designs and extreme durability create our extensive SPC collections available in 20 mil and 12 mil wear layers.

20 Mil 12 Mil
Sheridan Plank-Kabuki ClaySheridan Plank-Alder PebbleSheridan Plank-Gotham GraySheridan Plank-Organic ChaiSheridan Plank-Rippling Stone

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Loose Lay LVP

Incredibly easy installation and extreme durability allow our Loose Lay collections to be a huge hit in both residential and commercial applications.

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Journey Plank-TundraJourney Plank-Deep ThunderJourney Plank-Autumn ForestJourney Plank-Durango SandJourney Plank-Timber

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Glue Down LVP

Three collections with capabilities suitable for small-scale residential projects to large-scale commercial projects.

Residential Commercial

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